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drilling solutions

At JKS Boyles, we are committed to delivering top-tier engineering, design, and repair services for the drilling industry.


Our ISO 9001 certification is a testament of our dedication to quality management and continuous improvement. This prestigious certification differentiates JKS Boyles from other companies in the drilling industry by ensuring that our processes and practices consistently meet rigorous international standards, guaranteeing superior performance and reliability.

Commitment to Quality

Our ISO 9001 procedures ensures rigorous standards through a robust quality management system. Every product and service consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations, supported by thorough inspection at every stage of production and delivery.

Continuous Improvement

We regularly assess and refine our processes to enhance efficiency and reduce waste. By emphasising continual enhancement, we stay ahead in the competitive drilling industry, adapting to industry advancements and customer feedback for optimal results.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritise understanding and precisely addressing customer needs. Committed to providing high-quality, dependable drilling solutions, we ensure client confidence worldwide through our adherence to best practices.

EXPERT advice When You Need It

Let's discuss your drilling requirements. Whether you are an expert with a unique challenge, or your business is new, and you're looking for the best drill setup for geotechnical, geothermal, water well, exploration, or foundation drilling applications. Our sales teams and engineers are adept at planning, diagnosing and overcoming any drilling, product, or repair issues, ensuring you receive the most efficient and effective solutions.

custom design & production

Our dedicated in-house engineers and draftspersons specialise in manufacturing bespoke drilling solutions tailored to your needs. From initial consultation to leading your project into production, JKS Boyles guarantees designs that not only meet your specifications but also optimise efficiency, thereby reducing both cost and time.


Equipped with a one-stop machine shop, we manufacture according to both industry standards and your specific requirements. Our facility features a range of advanced machinery, including:

CNC Lathes such as the Puma 400XL, Puma 480, Puma 350, and Puma 5100XL, each designed to handle varying sizes and complexities of drill tooling and equipment part machining.

CNC Miller (Hartford) – Quality brand known for precision, ideal for complex milling tasks.

Manual Lathes including DSG, Colchester, and Ward 7D, offering reliability and versatility for a range of machining needs.

XYZ Miller and Behringer Saws, enhancing our capability to perform precise slotting and cutting.

repair services

Given that your drill tooling represents a significant investment, we understand the importance of repairs over purchasing brand-new. JKS Boyles is pleased to offer comprehensive repair services, including re-threading, re-cutting, and specialised bit repairs, whenever feasible.