go ahead,
drill like a driller.

At JKS Boyles, we offer wide ranging capabilities. Services the United Kingdom and Ireland's drilling market can rely on.


A team of expert engineers, ready to deploy across the UK and Ireland with fully equipped site service vans. Our expansive workshop with a 12m height clearance under a 20-tonne crane accommodates large machinery for service, repairs, and refurbishments. Additionally, our certified welders are skilled in both on-site and in-shop fabrications and repairs, ensuring no task is too big or complex. Trust us with your next drilling project.


Our workshop services in our spacious facility, designed to handle large machines with ease. With a 12-meter clearance under a 20-tonne crane, we specialize in full-service maintenance, repairs, and refurbishments of drilling equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Our skilled team of three fully qualified welders excels in custom fabrication and urgent repairs. Whether creating bespoke components or reinforcing existing machinery, we have the expertise and technology to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to your drilling needs.


Our four expert engineers are equipped and ready to travel across the UK and Ireland with fully outfitted site vans. Offering on-site diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs, we ensure minimal downtime and enhanced efficiency directly at your location, whenever and wherever you need us.

Comacchio specialists

The Service Engineers at JKS Boyles are certified engineers, of course, but are also specialist for the Comacchio brand. Being the UK and Irelands Comacchio dealer, our access to continuous developed training set us apart from most. We'll relay our knowledge and set your team up for success.  


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